2 Panama Project poems go live on MARY: A Lit Journal for the Arts

MARY puts out a gorgeous literary journal, and I was so pleased to have two of my poems appear. They're both from a project which used lines from David McCullough's history of the construction of the Panama Canal, called The Path Between the Seas.

These two poems, "The City of St. Pierre, the 'Little Paris,' was showered with volcanic dust and the sea for miles was littered with dead birds" and "Seen under the microscope, stegomyia is a creature of striking beauty", are from my unpublished collection, The California Poems. In 2016, Dean Young selected my manuscript as a semi-finalist for the Sarabande Books Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry

I wrote these poems, and developed this collection, while on a James Merrill fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center